Spheres (2012)

Solo Violin and string orchestra // 4 mins
[Commissioned by Daniel Hope & Deutche Gramaphone]
Solo Vln/str


Programme Note

Spheres was composed in June 2012 for Violinist Daniel Hope, and released on his album ‘Spheres’ (Deutche Grammaphon) in 2013. The world premier performance was also by Daniel Hope (violin & conductor) with Jakobsplatz Orchestra, at Hubert-Burda-Saal, Munich, on 18th March 2013. It was not until a year later on 3rd July 2014, that the work received it’s UK premier, and this time in a converted Warehouse: Hackney Downs Studios, performed by the New London Orchestra.

The work is driven by a minimalistic, pulsing ostinato in the strings, which suggests the movement of time, and the turning of the planets; the ‘spheres’ of the title.

Over this texture, the solo Violinist observes and contemplates the natural world around him/her, and reflects on the spheres, with an expressive, gestural melody.

The central section rises to a dissonant and questioning climax, before returning to a calmer restatement of the opening melody.

© Gabriel Prokofiev, 2012

The first performance was given on 3rd July 2012, Funkhaus Berlin Nalspastraße, Saal 1, 12459 Berlin, Germany, Daniel Hope (solo violin) with the Deutches Kammerorchester Berlin, Conducted by Simon Halsey.

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