Cello Multitracks (2011)

solo Cello + multi-tracked cellos (8 tracks)
/OR/ Cello Nonet // 17 mins
[Premiered by Peter Gregson @ LSO St Lukes, London]


Programme Note

The solo cellist is the only live human in this ensemble; he/she plays live and in concert he appears alongside a virtual cello ensemble of 8 loud-speakers which play back multi-track recordings of eight Cello parts performed by Peter Gregson.

‘Cello Multitracks’ is a dance suite for cello nonet; originally conceptualised as a multitrack work to be recorded by just one cellist.  The four contrasting movements continues Gabriel’s interest in taking influences from both electronic dance music and older, more traditional classical forms. Recorded using a range of performance techniques which often go conventional classical requirements, combined with the multitrack effect of eight parts recorded by Peter Gregson on the same instrument, a unique sound world is created: an impossible ensemble; acoustic yet also ‘post-electronica’.

Jerk Driver is based on an aggressively urban Grime / Dub-step rhythmic pattern, with a rave-influenced refrain that then develops into a Russian influenced waltz-like central section.

Outta Pulser, starts with a post-minimalist ostinato, but becomes more expressionistic as a heavily vibrato, almost vocal, solo line emerges.

Float Dance is marked in the score to be played ‘as mystic Viols’; it is inspired by both ambient electronica and the renaissance Pavane.

Tuff Strum is a physically challenging pizzicato led groove, with dancing polyphonic syncopation.

© Gabriel Prokofiev, 2011

The world premiere was at LSO St Lukes, London on 17th May 2011, with Peter Gregson. The Album was recorded and mixed at Sweatshop Studios, London E2, between July-October 2011.

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