Gabriel Prokofiev /// Concerts & DJ-sets dates 2011

-finally got the chance to post this schedule of most of the concerts + DJ-sets I’m involved in this year. Several of them have happened already of course, but better late than never. The ‘Beethoven9 Orchestral Remix’ got a better response than I could of dreamed for in Nantes & Angers this week- more coming on that soon – I promise.

Gabriel Prokofiev //////////// Concerts & DJ-sets dates 2011

25 February -17 April 2011 (8 performances)
‘wipeDouBt‘ Bern Ballet, Switzerland
Choreographie: Cathy Marston / Musik: J. S. Bach, Gabriel Prokofjev, Paul Giger/Marie-Louise Dähler, Mani Matter

March 2011
10-day US tour: Portland, Nashville, Austin
G Prokofiev Chamber music & DJ-sets (see previous post)

6 April 2011
Juice Vocal Ensemble Album launch @ NONCLASSICAL monthly club-night

music: various composers, incl G Prokofiev.
+ resident DJs G Prokofiev & Richard Lannoy
(Nonclassical club continues first Weds of every month) for more details


28 April – 8 May 2011
‘Swipe’ Richmond Ballet, Richmond, Virginia USA
music from Gabriel Prokofiev String Quartet No  2 & remixes. 30 mins
choreographer: Val Caniparoli
(10 performances)

17 May 2011
‘Nonclassical Directions’ curated by Gabriel Prokofiev
@ LSO St Lukes, London [UBS Soundscapes: Eclectica series]
David Lang The Anvil Chorus
Gabriel Prokofiev new work for cello & eight loudspeakers (world premiere) / Peter Gregson cello
Gabriel Prokofiev import/export: Suite for Global Junk // Powerplant: Joby Burgess, M Fairclough, Kathy Hinde
Gabriel Prokofiev Stolen Guitars (world premiere) // Sam Cave, Alastair Putt, Tom Ellis, Matthew Robinson electric guitars
Gabriel Prokofiev Concerto for Turntables (special 3 turntable version) // DJ Switch turntables

24 Feb – 3 June
‘Left to Write’ Transitions Dance Company, UK
choreography Melanie Teall
music: G Prokofiev String Quartet no 2 (mov 1 & 2), Quartet no 1 (Max De Wardener Remix)
(UK tour of 13 performances).


1-9 June 2011
‘Plucked’ Augsburg Ballet, Germany
choreographer: Maurice Causey
music: G Prokofiev String Quartet no 2 (complete)


13-24 June 2011
NONCLASSICAL in the Market, Spitalfields Music Festival
G Prokofiev DJ-sets every other day.
14 June: Peter Gregson: ‘Suite for cello and loudspeakers’ by Gabriel Prokofiev
22 June: DJ Switch: ‘G Prokofiev Concerto for Turntables (3 turntable version)’ + Ligeti Quartet ‘ G Prokofiev Quartet No1’

24 – 29 June 2011
Beethoven 9: Orchestral Remix by Gabriel Prokofiev (22 mins)
Orchestral National des Pays de la Loire (ONPL), France
24 June: Angers, 28 & 29 June: Nantes
+ G Prokofiev DJ-sets after-concert


July 2-6 2011
‘Grit’ @ Premio Roma Danza International Choreography Competition, Rome, Italy
Choreographer: Maurice Causey, Dancer: Cristian Laverde Koenig
music: G Prokofiev Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra (6 mins selection)

7 July
NONCLASSICAL DJs @ Institue of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London
G Prokofiev DJ-set after concert from OXUS

16 July
Festival de Saint-Riquier, France
G Prokofiev DJ-set
22:25, Jardins de l’Abbaye

17 July
Latitude Festival, Suffolk, UK
‘Suite for cello and loudspeakers’ by Gabriel Prokofiev / performed by Peter Gregson
+ G Prokofiev DJ-sets in-between live sets

22 July
NONCLASSICAL @ the Truck Festival, Oxfordshire, UK
G Prokofiev DJ-sets in-between live sets

23 July
Rite of Spring in a multi-story car-park, Peckham, London
G Prokofiev DJ-set after concert

3-6 August 2011
Gabriel Prokofiev Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra
NYO, Vladimir Jurowksi, DJ Switch (turntables)
3 Aug: Birmingham Symphony Hall, UK
4 Aug: Snape Proms, Alderburgh, UK
6 Aug: BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London

1 October 2011
Cabaret Contemporain, ‘Nuit Blanche’, Paris
G Prokofiev DJ-set

26 October – 5 November TBC
G Prokofiev String Quartets: Messer Quartet
WUNDERGRUND 11, Copenhagen, Denmark
+ G Prokofiev DJ-sets

3 November 2011 – 31 January 2012
Ein Winternachtstraum, Bern Ballet, Switzerland
Choreography: Cathy Marston
Music: Felix Mendelssohn / Gabriel Prokofiev
(13 performances) (approx 90 mins)

24 November 2011
Cabaret Contemporain, Biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon
G Prokofiev DJ-set

//////////// COMING IN 2012

February 2012
Concerto for Bass Drum and Orchestra
World Premier: TBC:
Princeton, New York / The Round House, London
Bass Drum: Joby Burgess

  1. Momma Switch here. I like the sound of Concerto for Turntables and MND combo. There’s obviously a lot of possibilities – so go get em’. Don’t forget to use the peeps around you – like DJ Switch – he’s full of ideas and tries to take things to new heights. Don’t take it all on yourself, delegate and see where that takes you. Lovely to see all the work you are doing, I’m amazed at what people can do and how it becomes their life! I didn’t know you could make MC’ing, rapping and beatboxing, or indeed DJ’ing, your career but you can. And it’s good to see young composers like yourself getting out and about and pushing the boundaries – I don’t get the chance to get out much, too involved in the life of a carer, but will make it a New Year’s Resolution to get to see and hear more of your works! Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year from Momma Switch and the Switch Family!

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