oh no not another distraction…

Aparantly the best way to get your ideas & thoughts out into the world these days is a Blog… I’ve been avoiding getting involved for a while…

I thought I was doing enough ‘extra-curicular’ stuff to help get my music out there: I’ve started an independent classical record label (‘nonclassical’), I’ve set-up a monthly alternative classical club-night (also called ‘nonclassical’). I’m recording and producing several other composers’ music and ensembles… Sometimes I seem to have almost no time left to actually compose, and now it seems I ought to have a ‘blog’ aswell..!

Unlike my famous grandfather I’m certainly not a diarist, and though I’m thinking about music and culture all the time I never seem to get anything actually written down…

So, fingers crossed that this blog actually works. Encouragement & nagging for new posts both welcome.

Back soon…



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  1. 660ne57 said:

    Hmm. Oct. 11. You haven’t caught on to the point of blogging. I heard about you on WLRN-Miami this morning (Dec. 31). I also have pondered where "classical" music is going. Each generation’s composers have been considered radical, revolutionary and — sometimes — downright bad, yet the music endures. I think it’s great that composers are writing "good" music that people will be playing, recording, composing variations on, and listening to hundreds of years from now.Music is like language: If it doesn’t adapt, it dies. Even what many call "classical" music changed, being packaged, orchestrated and adapted to fit the tenor (pun intended) of the times, until people like Christopher Hogwood try presenting the works as originally performed.That flexibility helps music endure. I trust it will do the same for your work.

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